Innovation-driven Quantitative Trading

QRST AI stands for quantitative research, strategic trading, and artificial intelligence. We operate at the forefront of what's possible, integrating methodologies from statistics, machine learning, and distributed systems to trade on markets around the world.

What We Do

Capture Market Opportunities Through
Technological & Computational Techniques

High Frequency Trading

Utilizing advanced algorithms, we specialize in executing trades with exceptional speed to capitalize on microsecond market opportunities.

AI/ML Strategies

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we uncover predictive patterns and actionable insights.

Statistical Arbitrage

Through rigorous statistical analysis, we identify market inefficiencies and exploit pricing disparities to generate consistent returns.

Event-driven Arbitrage

Responding swiftly to market-moving events, we seize opportunities created by mergers, acquisitions, earnings reports, and other catalysts.

Systematic Futures

Employing systematic models and quantitative analysis, we navigate futures markets to capture trends and manage risk efficiently.

Active Equity

Leveraging a data-driven approach, we constantly monitor and adjust equity positions to maximize returns in ever-changing markets.

Our Mission

Our team is driven by intellectual curiosity and the desire to extend our understanding of how markets function. We are on an endless quest to discover uncharted market opportunities.

Do Yeong Tak

Co-Founder & CEO